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Health RESET is a service that gives you the opportunity to understand your physical and mental health.

We focus on a holistic approach to improve education about health within the workplace and daily life.

Each group session will be a fun and educational mix of physical and mental health learning, with the goal of improving resilience and flexibility when at work and within the community.

The RESET education component will provide participants the tools to overcome mental health barriers related to work and daily life. Education sessions will include goal setting, anxiety management, motivational interviewing, stress management and self-care.

The RESET physical component will be a mix of group warm-ups, physical fitness testing, boxing, low cardio exercises, yoga, isolated stretching, functional movements and Tabata workouts, all suited to your individual capabilities.

For positive participant engagement, RESET is ideal for people who are wanting to improve their physical and mental health so they can thrive at work and in the community.

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