Employment Service Providers

BUSY Health can help your organisation to:

Supporting your jobseeker clients

Our allied health services provide support for your clients to overcome the barriers that are preventing them to find work, sustain employment or return to work.

We collaborate with your organisation to deliver individually tailored, evidence-based plans that support job seeker clients address their psychological, medical and employment barriers. Our solutions-focussed support will help your job seekers to quickly overcome barriers to work, preparing them to successfully enter (or re-enter) the workforce.

With a range of service options, we can provide:

As a fully-accredited NDIS provider, BUSY Health can work together with clients, either independently or as part of their NDIS plan as well.

A great start for your newly placed jobseekers!

Starting a new job can be daunting for anyone, which is why BUSY Health can support your jobseekers in their first 12 weeks of employment to ensure they settle into your workplace and thrive.

We want your jobseekers to succeed, and to realise their full potential, so our post-placement service helps people problem solve, manage and overcome difficulties to support them to sustain their new employment.

BUSY Health can also offer ongoing support in the 12 to 26 and 52-week stage to help them stay employed long-term. This includes progression planning, managing employment relationships, and promoting independence.

Our service delivery is flexible, offering face-to-face, group and individual services as well as telehealth services for jobseekers who may not be able to travel or who live in remote areas.

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