Want to Live Longer and Healthier?

As part of 2023 Social Inclusion Week, BUSY Health will bring you some ideas for promoting social inclusion while supporting your own mental and physical health in the process!

Live Longer with Social Connections

International research repeatedly shows that people with positive social relationships can:

  • Avoid premature dying,
  • Improve mental health,
  • Improve physical health, sleep and more (who.int)

So have a go, join a walking group, start a band, talk to the person next door, volunteer with a charity, look up an old friend, take the first step…

Maybe you could start with Social Inclusion Week (November 18-26) – you could host an event or attend an event in your area?

Have you watched Old People’s Home for 4-year-olds? Maybe Old People’s Home for Teenagers? 

These feel-good TV shows demonstrate the similarities (rather than the oft-focused-upon differences) between generations.  Younger and older people can both struggle to make new friends and get involved in new experiences but can find connection in each other.  Plus, the positive vibes and warm fuzzy feelings fill every episode! 

Social Inclusion Week encourages people of all ages to participate fully in their community, feeling included and valued.

To get inspired, watch an episode, or if you’re keen to foster social inclusion, contact an elderly persons’ home in your area and connect with someone – you’ll likely make their day and yours!

Old People’s Home For Teenagers : ABC iview

Old People’s Home For 4 Year Olds : ABC iview


If social connection is something that you find difficult and you’d like to

  • increase your social and communication skills
  • improve relationships
  • learn strategies to overcome social anxiety
  • get involved in social activities
  • expand your social networks
  • pay more attention to family and friends – and less to social media
  • gain support to find, keep and be connected in employment or work experience
  • increase your social confidence through therapeutic supports including counselling,
    psychology, social work or occupational therapy
  • access individualised support after leaving school to connect into work experience or

BUSY Health can provide professional support to assist you toward your goals. We encourage you to choose the life you want to live from now on and we’re here to help you reach your potential.  We also provide NDIS Support, including positive behavioural supports and therapeutic supports.

If you’d like to talk with a professional about supports available, please get in touch with BUSY Health on 1800 270 984.

Article contributed by BUSY Health Counsellor and Health Practitioner, Rebecca Elliott.

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